A Few Giveaway Statistics

Today we have Lana Pattinson sharing some statistics on the entries we received in the giveaway. Thank you Lana for putting together such an informational post! 

Pitch Wars Class of 2016 had such a great experience, we wanted to give back. We decided to offer a full submission critique as a random drawing. We advertised that 140 were available, but with #pw2016 mentees picking up extra crits, we ended up with 157 critique slots.

In the end, we received 442 entries. WOW.

Here’s how we organized the giveaway.

2016 mentees were asked to select the categories/genres they wanted to crit. We then grouped those into seven categories: MG; YA Contemporary / Historical; YA SFF; Adult SFF; Romance; Mystery; and Other (Literary Fiction, etc).

Entrants were allowed to enter in one of the above categories. After the Rafflecopter closed, we assigned a proportional # of crits to each category, based on the percentage of the total. (ie, YA SFF had the most entries so that category won the most crits). Because it was proportional, every entry had an equal chance of winning despite the category. Then Rafflecopter randomly chose the winners.

The category breakdown looks like this:

entries by category

No surprise, YA SFF is the most popular category. Next were MG, YA Contemporary & Historical, and Adult SFF in a virtual tie at 14-15%.

And as the critique slots available were in proportion to the entries, it came out like this:


But what does it all mean?

If you look at the number of entries per category, I’d say that’s pretty indicative of what the entries will look like for Pitch Wars 2017…based on this data, and prior year stats by Dan Koboldt & Mike Mammay. (you can look at Dan’s posts here).

However: in the actual competition, the winners aren’t necessarily proportional to the category. Just because there are, for example, 58 YA SFF mentors does not mean they’ll automatically select 58 YA SFF manuscripts. And since mentors CAN swap manuscripts this year, there’s a possibility that the mentors could pick something outside of their stated category. Keep this in mind if you have multiple manuscripts you could enter (oh, to be so lucky!)

TL;DR: As usual, some categories have tougher competition than others.

Winners will be announced via Twitter on July 5th from 7pm EST. Good luck!


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