If You Just Won a Critique…

  1. Chill. Your 2016 mentee will contact you sometime soon to request your materials (it MAY NOT be tonight! We have people in different parts of the world and on vacation in different parts of the world!) But please let us know if you don’t hear from them within a couple of days!
  2. Your 2016 mentee will get comments back to you on or before July 24. They’re not required to do more than one pass, but may be open to chatting with you!
  3. Be nice! This is a gift, so please remember our 2016 mentees are just as busy as you! They’re juggling between life and writing as well.


If You Didn’t Win a Critique…

Stick around! The hashtag will be open for you to find a partner within your genre to swap queries with. Also, hang out on the #pitchwars hashtag. Lots of mentors will be giving away critiques as well!



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