Interview with Kaitlin Hundscheid

Our interview today is with Kaitlin Hundscheid, a Middle Grade writer and member of the Pitch Wars Class of 2016. You can find her on Twitteror her website if you want to learn more! 

What didn’t you do that you wish you had?

Take a break. Your pages need to be in tip-top shape before you submit to Pitch Wars, but after you’ve swapped with friends and strangers, rewritten everything a hundred times, and hit that submit button…go chill. Read. Take a walk. Binge Parks & Rec. Rest those little gray cells between submitting your entry and the picks announcements and do whatever replenishes your creative wells. Resist the urge to crank out another MS and burn off that nervous energy while you wait. Pitch Wars is a long-distance race––don’t wear yourself out sprinting before it even begins. 

And even if you don’t make it into Pitch Wars, you’ll be ready to plunge back into your MS with fresh eyes and new friends from the feed. 

What was your favorite part of Pitch Wars?

Yet another tedious person saying it, but…

The community. I’d written in isolation for several years (the first year it was even a secret from my husband), and beyond swapping with a few CPs and dipping a toe into Writer Twitter, I still felt alone. But the Pitch Wars Class of ’ 16, and the middle grade writers in particular, has become my extended family, one that I’ve been incredibly thankful for every day of the past year. Having other writers to commiserate with over rejections and plotting woes boosts you for the next hurdle. (There’s only so many times you can explain to family that their stamp of approval doesn’t sell a MS, and yes, that sounds like a great idea for a book…for them to write.) I was expecting a roller coaster of revisions and stress and excitement, but the friendship and support that endured after the Pitch Wars ride ended has been far more precious to me. 

What is one gif that represents your Pitch Wars experience? 



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