Interview with Meghan Jashinsky

Our interview today is with Meghan Jashinsky, a member of the Pitch Wars Class of 2016. You can find her on Twitter, YouTubeor her website if you want to learn more! 

What would you say to someone thinking about entering Pitch Wars?

We’ve seen a ton of posts encouraging people to try something new, go for it, you’re the best and have nothing to lose! And all those things are true. But today I wanted to focus on those of you who’ve applied to Pitch Wars before and weren’t chosen.

I entered Pitch Wars three times, with three different manuscripts. In 2014, I got no requests. In 2015, I got one request. And in 2016, I got in.

The second time I entered, I got a rejection that knocked me flat on my back. It wasn’t that the rejection was mean; it was incredibly kind (because Pitch Wars people are seriously amazing). But afterward, I couldn’t look at my book. I was in a total slump. That book was the best I could do, and it felt like no one would ever want my worknot the mentors I subbed to, not literary agents, and definitely not publishing houses.

Because that rejection hurt so bad, when 2016 came around and I had a new manuscript, I told myself I wouldn’t enter Pitch Wars. Not this time. I’d queried enough by that point that rejections rarely stung, but the idea of taking my brand new, never-queried book into that arena once more… I worried it would bring all those feelings rushing back, and that this time it’d be even harder to get up and try again when I was rejected.

But then a voice popped into my head. It was that scrappy part of me that hates being told I can’t do something, and sounds weirdly like Stephen Colbert for reasons I’ve yet to figure out.

What if?

What if I got in? What if I got a mentor, improved my book, and joined an incredible community of people who’d be there for me during the ups and downs of publishing?

I’m so glad I listened to the “what if” rather than the voice that told me getting rejected twice was a sign Pitch Wars wasn’t for me. Because I did get all those things. I worked harder than I’ve ever worked, I learned so much, and made so many friends. And in the end I connected with Jessica Watterson, my dream agent.

What if this is the year that it happens for you?

What is one gif that represents your Pitch Wars experience?

unnamed (2)


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