The 2016 Pitch Wars Mentees want to help YOU get ready for Pitch Wars 2017! If you’re thinking about entering, let us help get your query and first 10 pages polished up for those precious mentors’ eyes. 140 critiques are up for grabs, starting July 1st at 12:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time.  The giveaway is now closed!

There will be 7 separate rafflecopters* in the following categories: Middle Grade; Young Adult Contemporary and Historical; Young Adult Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Paranormal; Adult Science Fiction & Fantasy; Adult Romance; Adult Mystery & Suspense; Adult Other (Historical, Literary, Upmarket, Women’s Fiction).

The giveaway will end on July 2nd at 12:00 a.m., Eastern Standard Time and the winners will be notified via Twitter on July 5th. Watch the #menteeshelpingmentees hashtag! 2017 Hopefuls will get their critiques back no later than July 24th, with plenty of time to check and double-check in anticipation of August 2nd!

*What is rafflecopter?