FAQ & Important Dates


Why are you running this contest?
The Pitch Wars Mentee class of 2017 wanted to give back to the writing community. We’re offering to critique your query + 1st 10 pages, so that we can help you prep for the 2018 Pitch Wars competition.

How can I enter?
Watch this space – the giveaway’s entry period is May 24th at noon(Eastern Daylight Time) – May 27th noon(Eastern Daylight Time). You may only enter once.

What do I win?
A query + 1st 10 pages critique from a 2017 Pitch Wars Mentee! You receive one critique in the form of an email. Please do not ask the mentee to review your work more than once. Some mentees are critiquing multiple submissions.

How do you select the winners?
Winners are chosen randomly via Rafflecopter.

How do I choose which Category to enter my book?
The 2017 Mentees have self-selected the categories they are interested in critiquing, so choose the category that your book fits best in.

What if a problem arises?
Because the winners are chosen at random, we cannot guarantee that a match-up will be perfect. (This is why you need to pick the best category for your work). We’ll do our best to accommodate people, but the 2017 Mentees reserve the right to refuse a critique of an entry that is problematic in some way.

What are my odds of winning?
Check out the summary of last year’s contest – you have a high chance of winning!

How do I know if I’ve won?
Winners will be announced via twitter on May 31st, 7-8pm Eastern. If you miss this, they will also be posted on this website that evening.

2018 Dates

May 24th: The entry forms (Rafflecopters) will go live at 12:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Savings Time(NOON). Each category will have its own rafflecopter to avoid confusion. There are 5 categories: MG, YA SFF, YA Other, Adult SFF and Adult Other.

May 27th, 12:00 p.m (NOON), Eastern Daylight Savings Time: The Rafflecopters close.

May 31st: The giveaway winners will be notified who they will be working with via Twitter (watch for the #menteeshelpingmentees hashtag)

July 15: Critiques from the 2017 Mentees are due back to the 2018 Hopefuls

August 27: Pitch Wars  sub window opens