You may only enter once, total. Winners are selected randomly via Rafflecopter.

The giveaway will be done through 5 separate rafflecopters*: MG, YA SFF, YA Other, Adult SFF and Adult Other.

You will be able to enter the giveaway ‘twice’ because we ask two questions, one about your manuscript’s category, and one about your twitter handle. The first is a chance to tell us which specific category your manuscript falls under, or what your sub-genre is. The more information we have, the better we’ll be able to pair you up with a 2017 Mentee who is experienced critiquing that type of genre. Second, you will be asked your twitter handle to help us notify you if you win. Having a twitter account is not necessary to enter the giveaway–we can always notify you via email–but please type ‘none’ in that section, so that you will have 2 ‘entries’ just like everyone else.

Please have your query and first ten pages ready by May 31st, when the giveaway winners are announced. We have a limited time to work with, and the sooner you are able to send your query to the 2017 Mentee assigned to help you, the sooner you are able to get good, useable feedback!

The 2017 Mentees will return all critiques by July 15th, if not sooner.  This giveaway is not associated with Brenda Drake, Kellye Garrett nor the “official” Pitch Wars program, so please do not contact them if you have questions or complaints. We can be reached through this online form. If for some reason the 2017 Mentee cannot complete their critique, we will try as hard as possible to connect you with someone else, but it may not be possible.

The critiques are a gift from the 2017 Mentees to you. Therefore, if you behave in any negative way toward the mentee assigned to you, or anyone else in the Pitch Wars community, we reserve the right to terminate the critique at any time. Similarly, the 2017 Mentee is not required to critique anything they find offensive or harmful, and has the right to refuse any query assigned to them.

While anyone may enter, in the spirit of the supportive Pitch Wars community, if you have already received a major critique from another source, we would encourage you to step aside and give others a chance to receive help.

* What is rafflecopter?